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We Ain’t Done Yet

Well, here we are. With just 4 games left in Big 12 play, our beloved Kansas Jayhawks sit 2 full games behind those clean teens out in Manhattan. But FOLKS, let me assure you of one thing. We Ain’t Done Yet. Did it feel good to get our dicks kicked in by Texas Tech on Saturday Night?? Sure didn’t. KU never gets 30 balled. That was the biggest deficit in a Big 12 game since Billy Eugune Self arrived here in Gods Country. But trust me when I say that this piece is FAR from over.

There is a decent sized game tonight. Some may call it a revenge game. Allen will be angry and JUICED. Those Sandstorm loving idiots from about 77 minutes down I-70 are swinging by The Field House to try and all but end KU’s chances of winning a 15th (FIFTEENTH) straight regular season conference title. The only problem for them is that they literally never win here. Since 1994, they have only won in this building ONE time. And once we curb stomp them again tonight, those constant pants pissers will only have a 1 game lead on Big Brother going into the final 3 games of the season.

So all you T-Shirt printers, DVD makers, and banner designers that reside in Manhattan, Kansas, don’t get too excited yet. KU is right on your ass and all of the pressure in the world is on your shoulders.

Like I said, I Think We Ain’t Done Yet.

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