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Pressure’s On, Little Bro.

What an absolute stomping that was. I mean sure, it would have been crazy to think that K State would actually come into Allen and end the streak tonight, but for it to go like that? The team full of seniors whose Big 12 bucket list looks like a group of preteen kids trying to have a fun summer? I mean the Hawks flat out dominated from the jump and never looked back. Our guy Q started to hit shots. Prison Mitch played like he was on the fucking Monstars tonight. Dedric belonged in the Silent Library with the QUIET 18 and 14 he threw up there. Dot is Frank Mason 2.0. K State’s elite offense goes out and puts up a huge 49 points in a 40 minute basketball game. KSU Twitter was obsessing over KU getting a few calls and a local radio host “mocking” one of their players. And just like that, the Hawks are 1 game back with 3 to go.

Look, KSU may very well end the streak and win the conference this year. It certainly could happen. But you’re telling me you don’t think a healthy Baylor team led by the best coach in the Big 12, Scott Drew, could stroll into the Octagon of Doom on Saturday night and grit out a win? A night where the whole student body will either be passed out, getting their stomachs pumped, or still drinking to celebrate a holiday just a couple weeks early? Seems like it will be a dead environment to me. You think it’s an absolute lock that KSU wins at TCU next week? Couldn’t be me. Would you HAMMER the Cats at home against a desperate OU team who may need a win to secure a spot in the tourney? Absolutely not.

I’m not about to guarantee anything, folks. But I love how this is setting up for the Hawks to snag at least a share of #15. And boy will that be a hell of a night on Twitter.

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