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Bill Self Isn’t Going Anywhere

Is Bill Self leaving Kansas after this season? I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors, everyone has been talking about it for the last few weeks and I can’t lie, with everything surrounding the program I was starting to have my worries. HOWEVAAA, Sam Mellinger of the KC Star reached out to Bill Self and asked him about his future with the Kansas Jayhawks and let me tell you folks, his quotes have me ready to go through a brick wall.

The next question, then: Are you 100 percent sure you’ll be at Kansas next season?

“I don’t think you can ever say that, because if they decide to go a different direction I guess I won’t be,” Self said. “So I can’t say 100 percent. But here’s what I can say. I’m certainly not at all motivated to be anywhere else than right here, especially during these times.”

By “these times,” he means the NCAA’s pending investigation related to a federal probe into corruption in college basketball recruiting.

I wouldn’t run from that at all,” he said. “Not at all. And I look forward to visiting (with the NCAA) and certainly the conclusion (of the investigation), and seeing it through. You can quote that.”

He starts by shutting down the Bull’s rumor that I was pretty confident was false, however he then went on to say he’s not at all motivated to be anywhere else during this NCAA investigation. This has me feeling INCREDIBLE. To have him come out and flat out address the situation and make it clear he doesn’t want to leave during tough times is something that should have every Kansas fan loving this man. I was already fired up after reading that, feeling guilty that I ever doubted my GOAT, and then his finishes up this story with a quote that has me more excited about the future of Kansas basketball than I can remember.

“My motivation is as strong as ever to be the Kansas coach, to further this program, and to see the situation with the NCAA through,” Self said. “Totally through. Never say never, because you don’t know how both parties may feel, but that is my stance and I look forward to being here for a long time.

“I want to add something else, too. I said years ago that I didn’t know if I wanted to coach forever. But this past year has motivated me to remain in this business for a long time. I want it on record that I want to coach for a long time.”

LET’S FREAKING GO FOLKS. Bill has always said he wanted to retire fairly young and not coach forever. To hear him change his tune on that is incredible news. I think his name being dragged through the mud has certainly pissed him off and i think he’s planning his vengeance. Sure, this NCAA investigation might cause some issues for us, maybe we even get a postseason ban. But if Bill is willing to ride with this school through it, I think he’s going to win A TON of games until he’s like 80 years old. Imagine 23 more years of Bill? That man will finish with a billion wins, a million conference championships, and add a few more National Titles in the process. So for those of you who were ready to meltdown and thought Bill was on his way out. Buckle up, our goat is here to stay and the Kansas Mens Basketball Jayhawks are about to go on a 15-20 year revenge tour when it’s all said and done.




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