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Producer AB’s Thursday HAMMERS

Fellas, we have finally made it. It’s Christmas Eve. We have finally made it to the NCAA Tournament. Opening weekend is my favorite 4 days of the whole calendar year. Play some hooky, sit on the couch for 12 straight hours with your pals, and bet on every single game you see. Not a single person can convince me that there is anything better than this tourney. As you all know, us guys over at Ain’t No Seats like to dabble in the gambling, and there is no better weekend to gamble. I’m ready to throw you guys some absolute locks for absolutely no cost at all to you. You’re welcome in advance for fattening your wallets.

11:15am central: #7 Louisville (-5) vs #10 Minnesota

I am in love with everything about this game. If you guys have listened to the pod, you have heard my theory with early game first half unders. It’s almost a blind bet for me to take the first few games 1H unders every year, but I also have stats to back this one up. Both of these teams play SLOW, which is an under bettors dream. Minnesota can’t shoot worth shit, and Louisville can guard you both in and outside the paint. Not only do I like 1st Half Under 62.5, but take Louisville -5 full game as well.

11:40am: #3 LSU (-8) vs #14 Yale

Boy do I like this one. LSU had a fantastic season, winning the SEC regular season outright. But the FBI came calling and caught Head Coach Will Wade on an ole wiretap. Wade is not coaching in the tourney, and I really think that hurts LSU. Yale can score with anyone, and both of these teams like to play fast. Don’t blind bet this under, but HAMMER Yale +8, and if you’re feeling frisky, give the ole Yale moneyline a sprinkle at +270.

12:30pm: #5 Auburn (-5.5) vs #12 New Mexico State

I’m only going to put 3 picks in this blog, and conveniently they’re the first 3 games of the day. As KU fans, we’ll all be tuned in for this game to find out who we could potentially play if we beat Northeastern. I absolutely love this game. It may be my favorite play on the whole board. Give me the dog in this one. I love New Mexico State. Auburn loves to go up and down, and when they’re hitting their shots, they are maybe the most electric team to watch. But they were just red hot this past weekend in the SEC tourney and I expect some regression to the mean. New Mexico State is 8th in the whole country when it comes to offensive rebounding efficiency on KenPom, while Auburn ranks 331st in the country and giving up offensive boards. I think Auburn misses more shots than normal, and New Mexico State doesn’t give them any second chances. Give me the Aggies +5.5 and New Mexico State to win the game at +210.

Stay tuned for more picks throughout the week. I’ll bring hammers every day during the tourney. Best of luck to all you degenerates out there.


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